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The Therapist Directory is your space for finding practicing psychotherapists that integrate meditation into their life and practice. Feel free to search by location or accepted insurance, or just browse. Most participating providers have also included their specialties. Any member of IMP with a clinical practice is allowed and encouraged to be listed in this clinical directory. If you would like to be listed but are not yet a member, click here to visit our Membership page.


Office Contact Information, 617-331-4654
Practice Location: 2557 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140
Areas of Specialty: Mindfulness-based treatment of anxiety, addiction, stress, ADHD, relationship problems, and other challenges. Yoga-based practices for regulating the nervous system and building resilience for emotional, mental and overall well-being. Offering both office appointments and personal retreats of 1, 2 or more days for individuals and couples for intensive counseling, crisis intervention and mindfulness training.
Insurance Accepted: PPO plans and Out of Network benefits
Office Contact Information 202-930-3697
Practice Location: 1801 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20009
Areas of Specialty: Mindfulness-based treatment of ADHD, anxiety, relationship problems, life transitions and other stressful challenges. AEDP-trained for building regulation skills for overall well-being. Offering both telehealth and office appointments as well as intensive retreats for extended sessions and/or multiple days for individuals and couples.
Insurance Accepted: Out of Network
Office Contact Information 617-661-7890
Practice Location: 86 Washington Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
Areas of Specialty: Couples Therapy, Mindfulness Retreats and Workshops for Couples - Being Together: Intimacy as a Spiritual Path, co-led with her husband, Dr. Richard Borofsky
Insurance Accepted: PPO-Out of Network; BCBS PPO-Out of Network; Tufts PPO-Out of Network; Harvard Pilgrim PPO-Out of Network; CIGNA PPO-Out of Network; United Behavioral Health PPO-Out of Network
Office Contact Information 617-661-7890
Practice Location: 86 Washington Avenue Cambridge, MA 02140
Areas of Specialty: Couples therapy
Insurance Accepted: PPO plans only
Office Contact Information, 617-953-9717
Practice Location: 125 Sumner Road #2, Brookline, MA
Office Contact Information 410-339-1979
Practice Location: 1011 Bay Ridge Ave, #228 Annapolis, MD 21403
Areas of Specialty: Anxiety, stress reduction, worried women, adults, trauma, childhood emotional neglect, attachment issues Licensed in Maryland and Delaware
Insurance Accepted: no
Office Contact Information 401.286.8508;;  
Practice Location: Rhode Island; Massachusetts
Areas of Specialty: I provide a private and warm environment for you to explore the usual and unexpected challenges of life: major life changes, existential concerns, grief, loss, feeling alone or disconnected from others, relationship conflicts, parenting, feeling a loss of purpose, direction or possibility, anxiety, illness, depression, identity confusion, job stress or anything that has affected your sense of well-being or equilibrium. Together we explore your concerns and work to improve your current functioning while addressing the obstacles to a meaningful, balanced and fulfilling life. My collaborative and compassionate-oriented practice is grounded in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Buddhist Psychology and mindfulness practices. My perspective is holistic and flexible, taking into account all aspects of wellbeing, the emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, cultural and creative. A special interest is working with young adults who are navigating questions of identity and adjustment to adulthood as well as individuals negotiating cross-cultural challenges.          
Insurance Accepted: Brown University Student Health (United HealthCare)
Office Contact Information 406-899-0522  
Practice Location: 300 W. Broadway St, Ste 2 Missoula, MT 59802
Areas of Specialty: Chronic pain Chronic illness Anxiety Depression Insomnia Adjustment to life transitions  
Insurance Accepted: I accept most insurances but am not currently accepting Medicaid, United Health Care/United Behavioral Health/Providence Behavioral Health/Optum, or Humana Medicare Advantage
Office Contact Information Wise Mind Therapy Pennsylvania (virtual)
Practice Location: Pennsylvania (virtual)
Areas of Specialty: I am a certified contemplative psychotherapist specializing in anxiety and grief support for children and adults. I founded Wise Mind Therapy to help individuals restore and nurture their personal wisdom. At Wise Mind Therapy, I integrate evidence-based therapy styles with creative arts and mindfulness approaches to help kids and adults at different stages of life. Services offered: •Individual Counseling •Meditation Groups •Curated Talks and Workshops
Insurance Accepted: N/A
Office Contact Information Scheduling and sessions are offered virtually using a secure and encrypted platform for privacy. You can book a free 15 minutes consultation to explore working together here
Practice Location: Canada
Areas of Specialty: My approach to psychotherapy is integrative, drawing in mindfulness as we explore the inner mind. I am a certified hypnotherapy and EMDR clinician, and use these forms of therapy with most of my clients to address the root cause of suffering and to reconnect with your inner resources. I work with clients who have experienced trauma or who are experiencing anxiety, stress, life transitions, coping difficulties, career-related stress and burnout, and issues with self confidence and self worth.
Insurance Accepted: Self pay; receipts can be provided for reimbursement for clients located in some Canadian provinces
Office Contact Information Phone: 484-887-0312
Practice Location: Exton, PA
Areas of Specialty: Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Phobias, Social Anxiety, Insomnia, Trichotillomania & Skin Picking Disorder.
Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare
Office Contact Information
Practice Location:
Areas of Specialty: I weave meditation and mindfulness into all aspects of therapy: from behaviour change in the present to exploration of the past, and everything in between. But if you want to know which form of therapy I'm most closely allied to, it's probably Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (aka ACT). My approach to therapy is rooted in my own practice: I have been meditating daily for 10 years and regularly undertake retreats. I have practised extensively in the insight meditation tradition (centered around Gaia House) and more recently have been exploring Zen. As for practicalities, I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. For a free 30-minute initial consultation, please email me or leave a message here. You can read more about me on my website.
Insurance Accepted: N/A
Office Contact Information 617-800-9488
Practice Location: Newton Center, Massachusetts
Areas of Specialty: Adult and adolescent psychotherapy. Buddhist psychotherapy and mindfulness.
Practice Location: 94 Pleasant Street Arlington, MA 02476
Areas of Specialty: Mindfulness- and compassion-based psychotherapy Clinical supervision
Insurance Accepted: Self Pay
Office Contact Information 847-251-5506, email
Practice Location: Wilmette, Illinois
Areas of Specialty: Individual Psychotherapy and Consultation; School based Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning Consultant; Court Approved, Domestic Violence Evaluator and Treatment Provider; Certified Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher.
Office Contact Information Email:
Office Contact Information Currently Zoom sessions are available Monday - Thursday. In persons sessions are available on Tuesdays. My office is located in Washington DC very close to the Red Line on the Washington DC Metro. For new client appointments please contact me by email at I will usually respond within 24 hours unless on meditation retreat.
Practice Location: Washington, DC
Areas of Specialty:

Mindfulness based psychotherapy emphasizes and cultivates our capacity to see clearly what is arising in any moment and greet our experience with wisdom and compassion. So often we cling to an idea of how we want things to be or avoid what hurts. In this way we tend to add on to the suffering with judgments and self limiting beliefs. With mindfulness we can begin to understand that transformation comes from changing our relationship to what is going on – rather than trying to change the reality of what is going on. In this therapeutic process we can courageously cultivate a willingness to be open to the ephemeral nature of experience with patience, compassion and lovingkindness. This involves letting go of our preconceptions, projections and tendency to not live fully. People come for psychotherapy when they are hurting or feeling stuck in unproductive thinking and behavior. This can manifest in the body-mind-spirit as depression, anxiety and illness. It can also manifest in relationship difficulties, career and work performance and repetitive self deprecating behaviors. What is often needed is a safe environment to cultivate acceptance and the willingness to honestly explore the truth of what is happening.

Insurance Accepted: Self pay only. (Non-participating with health insurance)
Office Contact Information
Practice Location: Arlington, MA
Areas of Specialty: Mindfulness-based therapies (DBT, MBCT, ACT); Positive Psychology, CBT, EMDR, health psychology, biofeedback, neurofeedback, clinical hypnosis, behavioral medicine, relaxation training, cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), Graded Motor Imagery with Mirror Box therapy, Motivational Interviewing for behavior change, anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, brain injuries, stroke recovery, PTSD
Insurance Accepted: Private pay, PPO plans via out-of-network benefits (superbill and access to Reimbursify app provided)
Office Contact Information 720-487-7686
Practice Location: Virtual Therapy for Clients Living Anywhere in MA
Areas of Specialty: Many of my clients are women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, or chronic pain. I help my clients heal their relationships with their bodies, overcome anxiety, and embrace a life filled with rest, ease, and joy. I am a body-centered therapist, which means I use mindfulness and other mind-body tools and practices to support healing and growth. I offer trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and LGBTQ+ affirming therapy.
Insurance Accepted: Out of Network
Office Contact Information Email: • Website: Phone: 617 231 0011
Practice Location: Ten Post Office Sq., Suite 800 South, Boston, MA 02109
Areas of Specialty: Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, Biofeedback, Health Psychology (working with anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, GI disorders, high blood pressure, etc).
Insurance Accepted: none, out-of-network receipts provided
Office Contact Information (781) 789-9293,
Practice Location: Norwood, MA
Areas of Specialty: Workshops to cultivate well-being and build resilience;  Online program The Well-Being Toolkit;  Mindfulness-based psychotherapy and acceptance based therapies; mind-body approaches; anxiety, depression, stress and stress-related illnesses, adjustment issues, parenting, meditation, adults, adolescents and children.  Coaching services.
Insurance Accepted: Most insurances accepted for therapy services.
Office Contact Information 978-358-1191 or
Practice Location: Exeter, NH
Areas of Specialty: Psychotherapy integrating somatic mindfulness meditation, meditative self-inquiry, insight-oriented approaches (e.g. Jungian), IFS, nutrition, and time in nature for problems related to anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, disordered eating, body-image issues, addictions, meaning, & purpose.  Trained in multiple empirically supported mindfulness approaches. As a therapist my focus is to support healing, growth, and transformation through both somatic mindfulness and insight oriented practices that work with your strengths, inclinations, and needs. Experience working with teens, adults, therapists, activists, and professionals helping to prevent and address burn-out, as well as vicarious trauma. Experience offering supervision and coaching for executives, managers, and supervisors helping to cultivate conscious leadership and greater well-being and meaning through work. Somatic & yoga-based practices for regulating the nervous system and building resilience for emotional, mental and overall well-being. Offering telehealth (video or phone), office appointments, meetings in nature, and personal retreats for individuals, couples and groups. In addition to 1:1 services I offer a number of groups throughout the year. Please contact me for more information.
Insurance Accepted: Out of network provider, superbill for reimbursement provided
Office Contact Information Practice Name: Dr. Molly Scott, Creative Resonance Institute Ph: 413-834-4629 / 413-339-4245 email: Fax: 1-888-352- 6640 web: www.  or
Practice Location: 140 Pine Street, suite #1, Florence, Mass 01062
Areas of Specialty: Trauma, voice empowerment, expressive arts, Mindfulness, Centering practices with animal, earth
Insurance Accepted: BlueCrossBlueShield, (Health New England, Tufts) out of network providers
Office Contact Information 412-621-4843
Practice Location: 161 N. Dithridge Street Pittsburgh, Pa 15213
Areas of Specialty: Anxiety and Stress Relationship Difficulties Trauma Migraines Academic and Career Struggles Grief and Loss Women’s issues including infertility, pregnancy and postpartum Parenting Issues Self confidence, self esteem and self worth
Insurance Accepted: Out of Network/Self Pay
Office Contact Information Email: • Website:
Office Contact Information Email: • Website:
Office Contact Information 617-320-3709  
Practice Location: Sessions via online video conferencing at and at 173 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472
Areas of Specialty: Coaching and Therapy - Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems Relationship with Self and others, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship, Contentment, Life Path Positive Psychology Coaching
Insurance Accepted: Self pay, HSA, Flex Spending, Out of network PPO plans
Office Contact Information 617-803-0951
Practice Location: 390 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474
Areas of Specialty: Mindfulness-based treatment of depression and anxiety for individual adults. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy groups for adults.
Insurance Accepted: I am not currently accepting new patients.
Office Contact Information Phone - (978) 303-8020 Email - Website - Psychology Today -
Practice Location: 383 Elliot Street Suite 100 Newton, Massachusetts 02464
Areas of Specialty: My first area of expertise is helping adults cope with problems that can range from depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, OCD, life transitions, or low self-esteem. I also am passionate in supporting and teaching coping skills to individuals, or couples, experiencing any difficulties that can arise pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and postpartum. My therapeutic style combines traditional talk therapy, strengths-based approach, skill building, mindfulness, and lots of humor to help people gain the confidence and tools they need to feel better. I will tailor our dialog and treatment to meet your needs.
Insurance Accepted: BCBS, Allways Health, United Health Care, Harvard Pilgrim and Optum. Also work with Out of Network PPO Benefits and Private Pay
Office Contact Information Email:
Areas of Specialty: Susan is a clinical psychologist. She received a degree in Comparative Religion from Harvard Divinity School, her doctorate in Psychology from Harvard University, and her clinical training through Harvard Medical School. She has been a clinician, supervisor, and Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years, specializing in the integration of meditation and psychotherapy. She is a founding member of the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion at Cambridge Health Alliance. Dr. Pollak has had a meditation and yoga practice since childhood. She is the co-editor, with Merry White, of The Cultural Transition (Routledge & Kegan Paul), contributing author to Mapping the Moral Domain, ed. Carol Gilligan, (Harvard Press), a contributing author to Evocative Objects, ed. Sherry Turkle (MIT Press), a contributing author to Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Second Edition (Guilford Press), and co-editor, with Tom Pedulla and Ron Seigel, of Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy (Guilford Press).
Office Contact Information 518 894-8344
Practice Location: Saratoga Springs
Areas of Specialty: I am a Somatic Psychotherapist and Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, as well as an eating disorder specialist and yoga therapist. I specialize in all forms of disordered eating, eating disorders and trauma through a somatic and self-compassionate approach teaching skills for nervous system and emotional regulation.
Insurance Accepted: Self-pay; Out of Network
Office Contact Information Email: • Website:
Office Contact Information 657-205-7168
Practice Location: California
Areas of Specialty: I am trauma-attachment focused and informed. I am trained in: EMDR by Curtis C. Rouanzoin, Ph.D. under EMDR Institute, Inc., & EMDRIA; Emotion-Focused Therapy (couples) by Susan Johnson, PhD; Mindfulness Meditation practitioner and teacher trained and certified by Tibet House, USA.
Office Contact Information Email:
Office Contact Information 401-932-5809
Practice Location: 1130 Ten Rod Road Bldg D Suite 308B, North Kingstown, RI 02892
Insurance Accepted: Self pay, United Healthcare
Office Contact Information To schedule a consultation, visit Or email:
Practice Location: West Cambridge, MA
Areas of Specialty: My goal is to gently create an environment that is safe, supportive, and helps you develop reflective self-awareness and positive coping skills, so that you may live more fully and with resilience, and move towards healing. Currently I am also a part-time lecturer at Harvard, and senior faculty at the CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion. I am Harvard-trained, and specialize in talk therapy. In some situations, I also prescribe medication when indicated. My style draws from mindfulness, psychodynamic, self-compassion, CBT, and mind-body approaches. As a former educator, I am down-to-earth, warm, and offer practical skills and coaching to help you thrive.
Insurance Accepted: None, out of network
Office Contact Information Email:, Website:
Practice Location: Boston MA
Areas of Specialty: Christopher Willard is a licensed psychologist specializing in mindfulness and compassion based therapies and consultation. He has over a decade of retreat practice in mindfulness and meditation. He is available for psychotherapy, supervision, academic coaching, consultation, and training.
Office Contact Information
Practice Location: Massachusetts
Areas of Specialty: Psychotherapy and mindfulness instruction. Ordained Christian pastor (UCC/ABCUSA).
Office Contact Information
Practice Location: Currently practicing via telehealth
Areas of Specialty: Children and families, behavioral issues and parenting, anxiety and depression
Insurance Accepted: BCBS, Optum, Tufts, Aetna, Cigna

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