Guided Meditation Recordings

Various IMP board members have provided links to guided meditation recordings from their own websites that can be very useful for professionals and their clients for the building of mindfulness and meditation skills. Simply click the links below to start listening.

On Compassion

On Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness with simple breath & movements: Video 
  • Simple guided meditation for mindfulness: Video
  • How meditation helps with thoughts and emotions: Video
  • Mindfulness of thoughts, feelings, physiological sensations: Audio
  • Thoughts on leaves meditation: Audio

On Emotions

  • Mindfulness of Emotions in the Body: Audio
  • Labeling Emotions: Audio
  • Working with Difficult Emotions: Audio
  • Soften Soothe Allow: Audio

On Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness of Others: Audio
  • Forgiveness of Ourselves: Audio

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