The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and training of mental health professionals in the integration of mindfulness meditation and psychotherapy. Mindfulness is at the heart of Buddhist psychology. The ancient, contemplative tradition of Buddhist psychology is currently converging with the Western, scientific model of psychological inquiry, resulting in innovative advances in psychotherapy theory and practice. Educational programs sponsored by IMP are designed to foster the investigation of mindfulness for enhancing the therapy relationship, clinical interventions, and the well-being of the therapist.

How would things change for you if
mindfulness was more part of therapy?

Earn a Certificate

An intensive program of study and training in the nexus of mindfulness and psychotherapy.
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Find a Therapist

Find practicing psychotherapists that integrate meditation into their life and clinical practice.
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Become a Member

Connect with the rapidly growing community of practitioners of meditation and psychotherapy.
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Lecture Series

Learn about various topics related to meditation and psychotherapy, and receive CEs in the process.
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Mindfulness in Clinical Practice: A Conversation Series

Conversations on the use of mindfulness in treatment with IMP board members.

Cushion and Couch Journal

Cushion and Couch is IMP’s quarterly e-journal, featuring articles, interviews, and book reviews written by and for members of the community.

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