IMP Board Statement on White Supremacy and Anti-Racism

May 2021

With eyes that are getting clearer and hearts that are opening ever more fully, the Board of Directors of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (IMP) commits to addressing racial justice. The long history of white supremacy has hurt all of us.  We grieve the taking of lives and loss of humanity, and dedicate ourselves to turning towards the truth. We know that this means embracing trauma, pain, and loss. The practices of mindfulness and compassion can strengthen the ability to face history and ourselves wisely.

Our board is currently comprised entirely of White people. We have been paying attention to this issue  and have made it a focus for several years through discussions of diversity and inclusion in meetings of the Board.  We have recently deepened our efforts and designed a plan to make systemic changes, beginning with education in White awareness both individually and organizationally. In the interest of non-harm, we now see that doing this work is a prerequisite to creating comprehensive diversity on the Board. We are actively stepping up our anti-racism efforts to create an environment that will be welcoming and safe.

The work of mindfulness and psychotherapy aims to overcome suffering. It is clearer than ever that the causes of racialized suffering require deep change at an individual and societal level. We embrace this responsibility with humility and determination. The work of healing calls us to connection, and it demands that we learn, listen, and sustain the energy it requires. The work of transformation calls us to confront and challenge each other and ourselves; it encourages us to be supportive, kind, and loving toward each other and ourselves.

Together, we resolve to grow in wisdom, compassion, and action.