IMP Board Statement on Injustice and Oppression

As we try to see clearly and open our hearts fully, the Board of Directors of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (IMP) recommits to acknowledging and addressing racial, social, political, environmental, and economic injustice. We grieve the consequences of dehumanization, from the micro to the macro, including acts of emotional and physical violence and exploitation. We dedicate ourselves to examining our complicity. Understanding that suffering is endless, we nonetheless commit to doing what we can to alleviate it, using mindfulness, compassion, wise action, and activism to hold multiple truths and face and address history and ourselves.

Our board and community are admittedly less diverse than our world, our country, and the larger community of psychotherapists or mindfulness practitioners. We continue to make correcting this deficit a focus of our mission. We intend to create a community that is welcoming, safe, and healing for all.

The causes of suffering require deep change at an individual and societal level. We embrace this responsibility with humility and determination to recognize our gaps in understanding. The work of healing calls us to connection and demands that we learn, listen, and sustain the energy required to enact meaningful change. We aspire to confront and challenge each other and ourselves while being supportive, kind, and loving.

Together, may we continue to grow in wisdom, compassion, and action.