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Washington, DC

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Zoom sessions

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Currently Zoom sessions are available Monday – Thursday. In persons sessions are available on Tuesdays. My office is located in Washington DC very close to the Red Line on the Washington DC Metro.

For new client appointments please contact me by email at I will usually respond within 24 hours unless on meditation retreat.



Areas of Specialty

Mindfulness based psychotherapy emphasizes and cultivates our capacity to see clearly what is arising in any moment and greet our experience with wisdom and compassion. So often we cling to an idea of how we want things to be or avoid what hurts. In this way we tend to add on to the suffering with judgments and self limiting beliefs. With mindfulness we can begin to understand that transformation comes from changing our relationship to what is going on – rather than trying to change the reality of what is going on. In this therapeutic process we can courageously cultivate a willingness to be open to the ephemeral nature of experience with patience, compassion and lovingkindness. This involves letting go of our preconceptions, projections and tendency to not live fully. People come for psychotherapy when they are hurting or feeling stuck in unproductive thinking and behavior. This can manifest in the body-mind-spirit as depression, anxiety and illness. It can also manifest in relationship difficulties, career and work performance and repetitive self deprecating behaviors. What is often needed is a safe environment to cultivate acceptance and the willingness to honestly explore the truth of what is happening.

Insurance Accepted

Self pay only. (Non-participating with health insurance)

Other Information

Vicki is a licensed clinical social worker with 30 years experience as a psychotherapist and 20 years experience on the cushion, studying Insight Meditation. She has trained in psychodrama, Gestalt, imagery, family therapy, EMDR and Somatic Experience. Vicki works with clients to bring a wise and compassionate attention to: life transitions, building intimacy in relationships, stress management and mood changes. Vicki is a member of IMCW’s Teacher’s Council. She completed the Community Dharma Leaders Program in 2008 and the Dedicated Practitioners Program in 2013, both out of Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She currently teaches classes in Chevy Chase and regularly sits meditation retreats. In the spring of 2023 Vicki will undertake the professional training in Compassionate Inquiry, the psychotherapeutic work of Dr. Gabor Mate and Sat Durham.