Mindfulness Training for Living Well (MTLW)
8-Week Course

Tuesdays, April 27 – June 15, 2021 | 5-7 pm (ET) | Live Online via Zoom


Mindfulness Training for Living Well is an 8-week course that offers evidence-based skills for behavior change and learning how to live well in the context of stress and chronic illness.

This course will involve formal and “on-the-go” mindfulness and compassion practices, skill-building for noticing and supporting actions in daily life that help you figure out what living well means for you. This course offers a chance to develop a deeper connection with other participants in the course who are also working on living well during challenging times.

You may wish to take this course if you are looking for support in finding and maintaining healthy and joyful behaviors during the pandemic, living well with your chronic illness during this difficult time, managing stress, strengthening your mindfulness practice, making a change that you’ve always wanted to make, and being connected to a supportive and kind community.

We will try to be creative and playful in using Zoom to connect with one another each week.  Each session will be experiential, involving group time with video on and individual practice time with a choice for video off to support less screen time, more flexibility and comfort during the session together.  We ask that you make a commitment to be present during the full 2 hours on most or all of the weeks so that your presence can be part of a consistent practice and community “container” for yourself and others. We look forward to our journey in living well together!

Session 1:  Discovering Mindfulness & Autopilot

Session 2: Perception, Interpretation, and Re-Discovering Beginner’s Mind

Session 3: Finding Freedom Through Feeling Tone

Session 4:  Allowing What Is:  Staying Present Through Pain And Stress

Session 5: Kindness and Coping

Retreat:  Deepening Practice, Savoring What’s Here

Session 6: Accessing Core Values:  Choice, Aspiration, and Change

Session 7: Living Well Through Wise Action

Session 8: Connection, Communication, and Community


Course Details

  • 8-Week Course: Tuesdays, April 27 – June 15

  • Time: 5-7 pm (ET)

  • Retreat Day: Saturday, June 5, 9am – 1pm (ET) (Note: the Retreat Day takes place after class 6 and live online as well.)

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Course Rate: 

    • Early Bird through April 12: $600

    • Regular Registration from April 13 through April 27: $650

Evaluation Surveys

In order to enhance our quality of care, we ask all participants to fill out a demographics form and a 15-minute self-assessment survey before starting the program and then another 15-minute survey and program evaluation form after the program. Your support in answering these surveys will help us better understand the effects of the course on your mental and emotional well-being. At the end of the course, you can request a personalized report. The program evaluation is critical for everyone who takes the program whether the experience was pleasant or unpleasant, so we can ensure we can continue to improve the programs at CMC.

If you finish the surveys before and after the program, you will receive a 10% discount on our next offering. You can choose to use the discount or pass it on to your friends and family.

For scholarship recipients, since our scholarship spots are very competitive, the scholarship is contingent on your completing the surveys before and after the program. You can receive a $20 rebate back if you complete both surveys. This will also help us demonstrate the impact of the scholarship program and ensure that it remains available for others in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and please contact us at cmc@challiance.org if you have any questions.

Discounts and Scholarships

From the generosity of our community, a limited number of scholarships and discounts are available. Please fill out the scholarship application form or contact us first for a discount code before registering.

  • Need-Based Scholarships – please fill out the scholarship application here: chacmc.org/scholarship.

  • Friends/family $100 off discount:  contact us at cmc@challiance.org to learn more.

  • 50% Discounts available for CHA Staff and Patients not enrolled in the CHAMindWell program – contact us at cmc@challiance.org to learn more.

  • Full scholarships for eligible CHA staff and patients enrolled in the CHAMindWell program

  • A limited number of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Discount Scholarships are available with a $550 off discount. Complete the application at www.chacmc.org/bipoc-scholarship before registering for a reduced rate of $100.