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Welcome to the new forum!

carrielittle's picture
on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 17:06

Hi all!

Welcome to the new IMP webpage and, more specificially, to the Forum!
Any signed-in user of our website can post to the Forum, so we're hoping this will encourage and facilitate discussion and conversation among the membership.

What might you talk about?

  • Events
  • How to incorporate meditation and/or mindfulness into your therapy practice
  • Where to find a sitting group in your area
  • Where to refer a patient for a mindfulness-based therapy group
  • New publications
  • An article you read that was interesting to you 

With any forum topic, the conversation can go on indefinitely, and new forum topics can be started any time, by anyone!

So thanks for getting started with us here on the forum, and let's have some great discussions!